GADINAN 8CH Video Security Surveillance Kit

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Model Number: 201612111504
Resolution: 4MP
Cable Length: 20m
Brand Name: Gadinan
Lens: 3.6mm
Ships From: Shenzhen,China
Cable Lenght: 20M(8pcs)
Video compression: H.265/H.264
Display quality: Max 4K 4.0MP
Camera Sensor: 4.0M HI3516D + OV4689 CMOS



What is H.265 ?
H.265 is a new generation video compression standard, a successor to H.264, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
Why we need H.265 now ?
With the explosive increasing of camera resolution from D1 to 720p,1080p, then 4K in the future , the H.264 compression capacity is far left behind the market need . 
How to transfer and store UHD images effectively without increasing storage device and internet expenses ? People do need a more efficient compression format . Then H.265 comes just at the right time.
H.265 advantages
1. It is approximate 2 times as effective as H.264.
2. Reduces file size up to 50% with the same quality.
3. Supports resolution up to 7680 — 4320 (8K).
4. Reduces video noise and increases dynamic range.
5. Extend far greater video quality experience compared to H.264
48V POE NVR Features
1, Support HDMI 4K output;
2, Support web, CMS, center platform management software MYEYE, provide
SDK development;
3, Support multiple cloud technology, network penetration, alarm information
pushed to your phone and other functions;
4, Support multiple network services (support DHCP, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP,
UPNP, EMAIL, 3G,WIFI,IP searches etc.);
5, Visit remotely, built-in ARSP, achieve start up by one step.





Camera Features:
1,4MP-3MP HD resolution, clear and fine images;
2,DSP(Hi3516D)+1/3'' CMOS OV4689 sensor
3,3.6mm Lens
4,6pcs array IR leds night vision
5,High Quality Vandal-proof Waterproof IP66 Case
6,Support 2D/3D noise reduction, digital wide dynamic;
7,Advanced H.265/H.264 video compression;
8,low illuminationï¼›color 0.01Lux'F1.2,black/white 0.001Lux'F1.2;
9,Support cloud technology, easy to achieve network penetration, fro in-line
and alarm information pushed
10,Support ONVIF
11,Provide web CMS center platform management software MYEYE





4.0MP IP Camera

System structure

Embedded RTOS,dual-core 32bit DSP(Hi3516D),pure hard compression ,watch dog


1/3" OV4689 low illumination CMOS; color 0.01Lux' F1.2,black/white 0.01Lux'F1.2

Video compression

H.265/H.264,support dual stream,AVI;0.1M~10Mpbs variable;1~30f/s variable oNormal> 1/3" OV4689 low illumination CMOS;color 0.01Lux'F1.2,black/white 0.01Lux'F1.2

Image output

Main stream:4MP 2592*1520-25fps;3MP 2048*1536-25fps sub-stream: 1280*720,704*576-25fps

Noise reduction

Support 2D/3D




Via PC/Mobile Phone/NVR With HDD

Infrared light

6pcs array IR leds

Wide dynamic

Support digital

Network interface

1*RJ45 10/100M adaptive Ethernet port;support RTSP/FTP/PPPOE/DHCP/DDNS/NTP/UPnP etc

Singal interface

One photo resistance interface,one IR-CUT interface ,support photo resistance signal and IR-CUT links to IR

Auto iris


SD Card



Comprehensive lightning protection, in line with national and international standards; 7 * 24 hours 65’C  high temperature stable and reliable testing (including mounted machine testing)

Other function

outdoor waterproof



Mobile monitoring

Support multiple mobile monitoring(iOS, Android)





Housing material


Package includes:
1X48V H.265 POE NVR
1XPower Supply for NVR
8X48V POE IP Camera
8X20M network cable
If the camera not 25FPS 4MP,tell us, we can give you the firmware to upgrade.
h.265 4MP 25FPSx
1, IP camera default IP address:
User name: admin, password: empty (null)
If there is a problem with "Can not find the Device", it is the default ip address is not in the same network segment as your router.
Please click "Edit Device" to change the camera's ip address,
For example, if your router's ip address is, then you need to change the camera's ip address to 192.168.0.XX.
"Device Manage" It can find and change the IP address, upgrade the firmware.
2, P2P website: "" ,please use IE and install ActiveX, only IE supports Multi Language. Chrome, Safari just support Chinese .
then please input your P2P ID, user name and password to login and preview.
Access to the IPC through the web, only one screen can be displayed. 
There are multiple IPC, please use client software to manage(such as: CMS VMS SNVR) 
3,The camera's port information.
ONVIF 2.0 Port 8899 ;RTSP Port 554 ;HTTP Port 80;Media Port 34567;E-mail default port  25; SLL protocol Port 465.
4,Does the cameras can be compatible with other manufacturers NVR?
Please confirm whether other manufacturers NVR support onvif protocol.
Our camera's onvif protocol is onvif Profile S, does not support HTTPS protocol;
Auto focus camera, other manufacturers NVR can only zoom, can not focus.
5, The camera all supports Motion Detect, FTP, Email alarm, RTSP.
A ,How to set up motion detection?
Access to IPC via IE (or CMS software), device configuration - alarm function - motion detection - on and save.
B, About FTP
FTP upload video and pictures, pictures will always upload, video files larger, after the alarm, the video file will be completed to upload.
We suggest the Sever-U and FileZilla FTP Server to upload the video or image.
C, For the Email alarm, please use Email server which supports SMTP ( Hotmail ,Yahoo not support SMTP ,it not supports Gmail temperately since the server problem ) .
D, RTSP URL for VLC media Player :
RTSP port: 554
rtsp: // (IP): (PORT) / user = (USER) & password = (PWD) & channel = (Channel) & stream = (Stream) .sdp? Real_stream
rtsp: // 554 / user = admin & password = & channel = 1 & stream = 0.sdp? Real_stream (stream = 0 primary stream 1 auxiliary stream)
 If it is through the public network need to RTSP port open (default is 554), the port in the network service-RTSP can be set
6, About DDNS
Mapped media TCP port: 34567 and HTTP port: 80 (Note: mapping need to be changed to non-80)
Note: The two ports in the network settings can be viewed, can be modified
What domain names are supported?
- CN99 / DynDns / Oray / NO-IP / MYQ-SEE





Installation Diagram



view via PC Web Phone

1,View via PC

Install the CMS(CMS for Windows, VMS for Mac) ( Software in the CD ,or can download online, need contact us )



You can select the language(18 languages)


How to watch via CMS:


How to find "Serial ID" (very important)





2,View via web:

Local login, (camera default IP address)(Cloud




3,View via Phone(iOS and Android):

Find "XMEye" in Apple APP or Android Market



12-13 Horizontal screen: