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Aussie Security Systems.

We are a couple of ordinary Aussies who are sick of all the theft and break and enters happening around our area, not to mention the cowardly gang attacks in your home by strangers who know the court systems !!

Security systems and technical people to install them are hard to find and expensive to set up. This being the case we have spent a lot of time researching reasonably priced but reliable security systems and security cameras that can be fitted by the average Joe Blow.

Our security systems are the best we could find for price, warranty, reliability, and simplicity. They consist of POE (powered over Ethernet) and WI-FI security systems. Both types are very simple DIY plug and play and easy to fit and operate by the home handyman.

How did we do this you may ask? Well we have found suppliers of these security systems and searched for the biggest and best supplier by reputation (feedback scores). We have kept the price of the security systems lower by cutting out the middle man (shop) and delivering from our site to your door.

Our research pointed us to a reliable wholesaler who handle the delivery to you. They are delivering the security systems from China, USA, Australia, Russia, Germany depending on availability in the offered country. The delivery so far is quick. For example, last week we had 3 orders done in an afternoon, the orders took 3 days for handling then were shipped to Australia in 3 days and were at the customers door by Australia Post in the next couple of days. So about a week and a half. These security systems were from China.

The security systems we have picked are made by big manufactures and are the same as I have seen in shops here but are a lot cheaper. Brands like Anran, Sannce, Annke.

So here is your chance for peace of mind and to protect yourself and keep an eye on your valuables for a reasonable cost.

We hope that our research on the security systems is a benefit to you and your family and makes your life more relaxing and enjoyable.

Thank you,

All the best from the guys at,

Aussie Security Systems